Happy 6th Birthday to our Lukie Bear!


We still can’t believe it has been six years! You have come a long way little bear. It has been a long road full of so many challenges, heartaches, and victories. Above all else it has been a road of love.  We love you Lukie. To the Moon.



Mom and Dad (Bryan + Tyler)



Every year at the exact time of his birth we take a photo of him. This year he was a big enough boy to be awake for it (before 8pm).

April is Autism Awareness Month


Happy April and Happy Autism Awareness month! Life with Luke every day reminds us of what Autism is and the many way it affects us. This year we will be ‘celebrating’ this month just a little different. Stay tuned!

(P.S. Welcome to our little blog. It’s been here for awhile but for the most part gathering dust. I’ll try to dust more ;)

– Meg

Autism. Hope (3/8/12)

For the past several months I have written this blog post over and over in my mind. What I was going to write about or say. I wasn’t sure if I should even write about it. Over the past several months our blog has collected dust. Laying almost untouched. Was it because we had nothing to say or was it because we were way too busy being fabulous and had no time to keep up with our blog? Sadly to say it was neither (and I really wished they were the reasons).

Back in November as we celebrated our little Luke’s 2nd birthday we also quietly and sadly received the news (a day before his birthday) that we had been hoping to not hear.

Our sweet, beautiful, loving little Luke had Autism.

His future was dark and uncertain. As much as we were trying to prepare to hear this diagnosis it still hit us – very hard.  There had been several tests, visitations with therapists, and more tests, and more therapists leading up to this diagnosis. We were very much aware of what the outcome could possibly be but it was still hard news to take. I will not go into too much detail but it started off with a speech delay (he was still not saying any words – not Mama or Dada at 16 months) and exploded into being on the Autism Spectrum as well as a Sensory Integration Disorder.

Fast forward to today. Luke now has an Early Intervention Specialist who is with us three hours a day 5 days a week, a Speech Therapist, and an Occupational Therapist for his Sensory Processing Disorder. We spend almost 20 hours a week on therapy. Autism has taken over our lives.

Since November we have told only family and close friends of our situation but have kept it mostly to ourselves. I don’t know if it was because the fear of our little Luke being labeled or that we just didn’t feel like having a big sign saying “Autism! Yes we’ve go it!”.

Either way we are now saying yes we live with Autism, everyday. We are also fighting Autism, every day.

The good news is that Luke is high functioning. If we did not mention that he was Autistic not a lot of people would have noticed. He does say a few words now (favorite being “no”). He makes eye contact, he sings/hums (favorite: Lady Gaga), he fist bumps (with explosion), he give high fives, he hugs, and he gives Love.

All of this gives us hope. So much hope. Hope for the future. Hope for him. Hope for us. Hope for our family.

We hope that you continue to read and that we can continue to share our journey. Next month is Autism Awareness month and this was the perfect time to bring awareness to it and also to how it affects our lives.